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An Arctic fox Took a trip 2,176 Miles from Norway to Canada

Arctic for travelled to Canada

When a young arctic fox took a trip 2,176 miles in 76 days from Norway to Canada, researchers ended up totally speechless.

The scientists of Norway’s Polar Institute fitted a GPS tracker gadget on a female fox prior to her journey in March of 2015 from the east coast of Spitsbergen.

Prior to the fox starting her long trip, she was one year old.

She headed towards West Greenland and got here in just 21 days after covering 939 miles.

Then went 12,00 miles more and reached Canada’s Ellesmere Island in overall 76 days after leaving Svalbard.

Eva Fuglei of the Polar Institute stated, “We could not believe our eyes, initially, we thought it was dead or had actually been brought there on a boat, however, there were no boats in the location. We were rather thunderstruck.”

When the Arctic fox Took a trip, it was confirmed by GPS

After examining the GPS tracker on the fox, the scientists were very much surprised about how rapidly she took a trip with approximately 28 miles daily. In some cases, the speed went to 96 miles each day.

Fuglei likewise stated that no fox was ever known to take a trip so rapidly.

“Significant modifications in seasons and appetite could be the factors behind her driving aspects”, claimed the researchers.

The abundance of food in the summertime, however, it is surprising to see this in the winter.

Arctic foxes typically move to geographical locations searching for food, however, the GPS fitted fox took the researchers for a loop on its quick journey from one country to another.

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