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Authorities Stop Van with 600 Pounds of Cannabis

A couple of men was detained when police discovered almost 600 pounds of cannabis in the back of a Ford freight van in a traffic stop on Interstate-95 in Richmond county, early Tuesday, authorities stated.

The male who was captured driving with the pot; Told Authorities it was ‘Tea’.

Troopers stopped the white rental van on the northbound off-ramp from I-95 to southbound Path of 295 just after 1:00 AM for a traffic offense, according to the State Police.

Troopers stopped the vehicle after pacing it for roughly 2 miles and observing a failure to signal.

After identifying the van was a rental car from New Jersey, authorities pulled the car over.

After sensing that something wasn’t right, the trooper called for a drug-sniffing canine, which notified the existence of drugs, authorities stated. A subsequent search of the automobile discovered around 600 pounds of cannabis in the freight hold.

 600 Pounds of Cannabis might be the biggest cannabis bust ever made in the location

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The chauffeur was identified as Jin Fang Huang, 26, with the passenger still unidentified, both of Atlantic City, New Jersey were nabbed.

They’re charged with possession of a regulated harmful compound, possession of more than 50 pounds of cannabis and possession of cannabis with intent to disperse.

It wasn’t clear whether either guy had a lawyer, or whether they will publish or post a bond. The bond or bail has not been set yet by a judge.

The projected street worth of the haul could be almost $2 million US Dollars, authorities stated the street worth of each pound might reach $4000 or more.

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