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World News Now

Middleman Confesses to Killing Journalist

December 4, 2019

The Middleman Confesses to Killing Journalist informed a court on Wednesday that a rich Maltese entrepreneur was the brains behind the killing. Melvin Theuma got resistance from prosecution recently for details that would cause the conviction of supposed plot leader and multi-millionaire business owner Yorgen Fenech. Nevertheless, his comprehensive court deposition raised fresh concerns over […]

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New Sydney Fire Station Location

December 4, 2019

The favored site for the future downtown Sydney Fire Station Location does not seem to everyone’s first option. Here is the reason why. The proposed area, currently the site of a Cape Breton Regional Municipality-owned and Sydney Downtown Development Society-operated parking area on the southwest corner of George and Pitt streets, was determined as the […]

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The Truth Behind Crime Reduction and Community Policing

November 18, 2019

I checked out urban areas within the united state of America, England, and even Belgium to talk about effective Crime Reduction and Community Policing with regional crime prevention authorities. One point which hit me was just how comparable their experiences were. Within each and every metropolitan area, there was a severe violent crime statistics problem, […]

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Hong Kong Police Charged a University Campus

November 17, 2019

Hong Kong police have charged right into a university campus held with revolutionists immediately after an all-night Mexican standoff. Flaming blasts can be seen as riot police officers entered the university campus just before dawn on Monday. Law enforcement shot continued batteries of teargas & water cannons at agitators outside the university since before twelve […]

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NATO Bombs Drop On Yugoslavia

Americans not aware of NATO bombing Yugoslavia

October 31, 2019

Over half of Americans are simply not familiar with the fact that NATO bombing Yugoslavia occurred during 1999, basing on a study carried out through the French firm Ifop. 54% of participants provided an unfavorable response to the question “Have you read or maybe heard that around 1999 the union of NATO nations (United state […]

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Authorities Stop Van with 600 Pounds of Cannabis

October 26, 2019

A couple of men was detained when police discovered almost 600 pounds of cannabis in the back of a Ford freight van in a traffic stop on Interstate-95 in Richmond county, early Tuesday, authorities stated. The male who was captured driving with the pot; Told Authorities it was ‘Tea’. Troopers stopped the white rental van […]

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