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More People Criticized the Wall Between Mexico and the United States

Mexican wall being breached

There is a growing number of people who criticized the wall between Mexico and the United States stating that it will not do any good at all, and now they have evidence of that.

Traffickers are cutting areas of Donald Trump’s border wall to smuggle more people and drugs, according to a brand-new report from The Washington Post.

Quoting numerous United States representatives and authorities who have a better understanding of the border wall damage, the paper reported that smugglers made use of saws to cut parts of the steel and concrete from the wall to make openings large enough for individuals and drugs to travel through.

Trump wants another $ 8.6 billion for the wall between Mexico and the United States

When breaches are discovered, people and equipment are sent out to fix them, the newspaper reported.

Nevertheless, smugglers concealed holes or breakthroughs in the barrier so they can continue making use of those openings.

In addition, even if the Americans fix them, the smugglers keep going back to the exact same location simply because the metal and concrete have been compromised and are easier to re-open.

These traffickers continue to use ladders to climb up and cross the fence in the San Diego location and after that utilize hooks to hang rope stairs on the other side.

Image result for climbing the mexican wall

According to Trump himself, he is not acknowledging any of the issues regarding the border wall, however, he acknowledges that “anything can be cut.”

” We have an extremely effective wall, however no matter how effective it is. You can go through anything,” the president informed press reporters at the White House.

“Cutting or holes are simple to repair, we did it the way we did it is that it is really simple to repair. The piece is replaced once again. We have a really effective wall. However, you can go through any wall. “

The president promoted the wall stating it was “essentially impenetrable. “

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